» Who are you? is operated by Lieu Pham, a graphic designer and illustrator, who got a degree in Commercial Art and another one in Fine Art, oh, some 30 years ago or so. Over the course of my career, I’ve been designing and illustrating countless things, ranging from logos and stationary to magazine covers and layouts, book covers, CD covers, computer game packaging and so much more. My website,, also gave me the chance to work with Hollywood since 1997, where I’ve kept myself occupied as a web designer. In addition, I’ve also served as graphic artist in the computer games industry for a number of years, contributing in-game graphics to the magnificent “Might & Magic” franchise of role-playing games.

Graphic design and illustration are my passion and this website enables me to follow my dreams of independence, so thank you very much for taking an interest and checking out my work. I hope you will find something you like and allow me and my designs to become a part of your journey. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to . I would love to hear from you.

» What are pre-designed covers?

Traditionally, covers are designed based on the product they are supposed to reflect. That, however, is a process that is typically time-consuming and quite expensive.

Pre-designed covers are a much more affordable alternative to this approach, by offering more generic motives that could be suitable for a variety of potential books. I design covers based on countless ideas that I have, giving you the opportunity to browse these covers like a catalog. And like from a catalog, you can then pick and purchase any cover that you feel fits your requirements and tastes. This way, you won’t have to get in line with many other authors, waiting until it is your turn for me to design a cover for. Instead, you can get your final cover almost instantly because it requires only minor modifications.

Because this process allows me to manage and schedule my time more sensibly, this, in turn, gives me the opportunity to lower the prices on many of the cover designs, since they do not require recurring revision passes and iterations to tweak them to a client’s exact specification, a process that can be very time consuming, and therefore, costly.

» Are these actual book covers? Why are there book titles in these covers?

No, they are not existing books. In order to give you a better representation of what your final cover may look like, I am displaying all cover designs in a “mock cover” format with a made-up book title. In my opinion, this gives the designs more of a real book feel than displaying “your book title here” on the front.

» Why are there different price categories for your covers?

I am usually pricing covers based on their complexity. Sometimes the layout has been more challenging than at others, taking more time and therefore requiring a higher price. At other times, a cover requires a greater number of source images to be compiled that need to be carefully chosen, assembled, mixed, color-corrected and laid out, all of which affects the final price, of course.

» What format will I receive my cover in?

By default, I will send you a JPG version of the cover, saved with a high-quality compression setting in a 1600×2500 pixel resolution. This is equal to a 5.3×8.3 inch print resolution at 300dpi and sufficient for virtually all eBook and most print needs.

» How quickly will I receive my final cover?

You will receive your final pre-designed cover within two business days. Naturally, I strive for a turn-around time that is as fast as possible, so oftentimes I will be able to deliver the final cover to you much faster than that. Custom created covers will take more time and the turn-around time will be depending on our communication and the iterating review process.

» Do you sell the same cover more than once?

Absolutely not! Once a cover has been purchased, it will be marked as “Sold” on the site, and no one else can purchase the cover, making sure you will always get a unique and individual cover.

I do reserve the right to reuse source images from all covers in other designs as well. Since it is in everyone’s best interest, however, I will make sure the design and presentation of such uses will differ noticeably from each other.

» I’ve seen the key image used on some of your covers before. Why is that?

For many covers, I am using stock photographs. These are photographs that I purchase from third-party vendors, and naturally, these vendors will sell these photographs to anyone who’s willing to pay. Therefore you may recognize some of the key images in some of the covers. It is, however, one of the reasons why I can offer these covers so affordably.

I also have a large number of covers using custom photographs. These covers will be guaranteed unique and you won’t find the same key images elsewhere because I do not sell my own image library. I keep expanding upon it constantly with dedicated photo shoots to make sure you will have access to better covers with a truly unique motive. Because of the extra time and expense necessary to do that, covers using custom photographs are therefore priced a bit higher than the covers using stock images.

» I’ve changed my mind. Can I request things such as banners and ads after I have purchased the cover?

Absolutely. Simply with your original order and cover number, and I will prepare these additional items for you at any time. I am permanently archiving all covers and will be able to access them even many months or years after the original sale.

» I found a cover that I like, but it doesn’t completely fit my book’s setting. Can you make changes to a pre-designed cover for me?

I am always interested in helping you in any way that I can, so I will be happy to make adjustments to pre-designed covers for them to better suit your needs. However, there may be a nominal charge for the work, depending on the extent of the changes. Please make sure to if you need a price quote in advance.

» Would it be possible for you to change the color of a font in one of your designs for my cover?

I would be happy to do that. If you feel a different color would work better to reflect the mood of your book, I will more than gladly adjust the color of the title lettering or author name according to your specs, free of charge, of course.

» Do you also create custom covers?

Glad you asked. I do indeed create custom covers for authors. These covers will be created with your input and vision in mind to make sure the final result will reflect your wishes as best as possible.

Although custom covers are more costly, they have the advantage that they allow me to experiment with more elements and features to create a very distinct look that is highly personalized. With your feedback, I will go through an iterative revision process during which the cover will be tweaked according to your input. The goal with custom covers is for me to make sure you get a cover you are truly in love with!

All custom cover packages, starting at $445, also include a complimentary 3D version of the cover for use in your marketing materials and promos. if you wish to explore a custom cover for your book.

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